Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Old Things

Chelsea and I decided to go antiquing on one of her last days in the US. As usual I managed to find things that I don't technically need but WILL use and also as usual spent too much. Chelsea knew of The Emporium of Olde Towne in Gaithersburg, MD from going there with her parents as a kid.

I was really really surprised and impressed with how reasonable the prices are and Grace, the owner, was so happy to have us young kids in her store buying up some history. She told us that she wishes her grandchildren would appreciate her things and the importance of keeping antiques and vintage items in the family. They don't seem to agree with her. In any case we chatted about our travels (I bought several postcards of places I visited in Italy) and presented our cases for why the Italians are worse than the French and visa versa.

In any case here is a look at my treasures.

Blue vintage tin with yellow flowers - $6. This will make a nice cookie tin.

Vintage red and tan pint sized thermos - $12. Are these safe to use? Does anyone know?

Hazel Atlas glass jars with compass lids - $8 each. I LOVE these for storing beans, nuts and dried fruits.

Israeli made trivet- $8

Family postcards - $1 each

Black and white postcard of Italy - $2 each

Colored travel postcards - $2 each

That's it, just wanted to share!

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