Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fried Rice Collard Wraps

A while back I posted what is, in my opinion, the Best Fried Rice recipe. I've recently gotten into collard wraps and so I thought...well why not make that fried rice more portable and stick it in a roll!

Fried Rice Collard Wraps

1 batch fried rice with a few shakes of black toasted sesame seeds
1 bunch collard greens
olive oil
fresh lemon juice

1. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to boil.

2. Lay a collard leaf down on a cutting board with the more protruding underbelly side of the leaf facing up. Take a sharp knife and slice out the largest, toughest part of the stem. You'll go about half way up the leaf. Repeat with all the remaining leaves.

3. Once the water is boiling drop your collards into the pot and let them boil for about a minute or until they turn a bright green. Drain the leaves and run cool water over them.

4. Combine several Tbsp of oil and lemon juice in a bowl. Place a collard leaf on the cutting board. The side that is facing the cutting board will be the outside of your wrap.

5. Using a pastry brush lightly coat the leaf in the olive oil and lemon mixture. Arrange the leaf so that its a solid piece - remember you took out part of the stem so unless you arrange it there will be a gaping hole in the middle of your wrap.

6. Place a large dollop of fried rice towards the bottom of the leaf in the center portion of that bottom half. You will fold the wrap in the same way you fold a burrito. Fold the outer, vertical sides of the leaf over onto the rice and then grab the very bottom, horizontalish side and begin to roll up, tucking the vertical sides in as needed until it is fully rolled.

7. Repeat with remaining leaves and rice. Serve with garlic chili sauce.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remi Visits

On his way home to France my friend Remi stopped by DC for a short trip. During his first trip to DC we hung around the Mall quite a lot so this time I wanted to take him to Georgetown, Chinatown and Adams Morgan to kinda round out his DC experience.

We were all over the place from District of Pi one night to second hand book shopping with Graham in Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle the next day, to kayaking the Potomac River, a lavish dinner at Vermillion, coffee and desserts at Busboys and some nice long walks around the city.

For our last activity we went to the Black Cat to see JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound which was one of the most involved and enjoyable shows I've been to in a long time. Check them out for some funky tunes.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where to Eat Vegan: Lan Cafe - East Village, NYC

Lan Cafe is a vegan Vietnamese place tucked into "Little India" in East Village. Bordered on all sides by the wafting smells of curry and naan, this tiny restaurant wouldn't have caught my eye at all if I hadn't been looking for it.

After the heavy burritos of the morning it was nice to relax with an avocado smoothie and some summer rolls and to watch people walk by the window.

For my main meal I opted for a bahn-mi-esque baguette with seitan, carrots, cucumbers and cilantro. Despite eating a giant baguette this meal still felt light and satisfying.

Rachel made an awesome choice of rice noodles, carrots and bean curd.

Overall our meal was filling and well priced and I could see this being a casual hangout that I would go to to get away from the crowds and just have a simple, well prepared meal.


342 E 6th St
(Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10003

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where to Eat (and Practice!) Vegan: Jivamuktea Cafe - NYC

Jivamuktea has such a cute name how could I not love it? With a lovely selection of teas, smoothies, rice bowls, wraps and soups I felt right at home in this cozy little cafe. The cafe is a part of the Jivamukti Yoga School. Their mission is to support the practice of ahimsa - which means non harming.

Jivamukti - the yoga form is actually a practice that supports and advocates veganism and activism. If you happen to be in town stop in for a class or a meditation. If you aren't in the area you can subscribe to the free podcast Sunset Gita by searching for Gita Wisdom Teachings in Itunes.

This is the seitan and veggie wrap paired with a simple salad. Perfect after an intense practice.


841 Broadway , 2nd floor
New York, NY 10003

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Somewhere New: East Village and Brooklyn

I got to spend 5 whole days in NYC this trip while taking Leslie Howards Pelvic Yoga Workshop. The workshop was every day so I spent most of my time there but I did snap a few pictures of both East Village area and the different neighborhoods of Brooklyn I visited.

I spent a lot more time in Brooklyn than I ever have as well. I really liked all the different neighborhoods I visited and stayed in and actually can't wait to go back because it seems like a whole different city from NY and I want to explore it!

This trip, more than most of my others was also really about reconnecting with old friends.

John having morning coffee with me at Swallow and a few of his possessions.

William ensconced in the realness of his new brownstone.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Somewhere New: Coney Island - NYC

One morning before my yoga workshop Rachel and I decided to take the train out to Coney Island. Living only a few hours from Ocean City I'm certainly familiar with the antiquated beach town feel but I never pass up and excuse to eat boardwalk fries.

Coney Island is the home of Nathan's Hotdogs. Sadly they did not know I was coming and so they did not think to have a vegan hot dog waiting for me - for shame! We happily sipped lemonade and ate fries for breakfast though.

On this particular morning it seemed that Coney Island was deserted save for the beach-loving local retirees. Beach season officially started the week after we made our visit so I would wager to guess that it is vastly more populated now. Rachel and I walked down the boardwalk to the next subway stop and I stealthily photographed old people.

I was pleasantly surprised to find some Os Gemeos murals just outside the subway stop.