Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exploring Home: The Postal Museum

On one of my DC adventure days with Rachel we visited the Postal Museum. While I wouldn't say this was the most engrossing museum I have visited in DC it DID have some interesting stamp specimens as well as a very complete history of the pony express, how mail transitioned to rail and there was an interactive portion in the contemporary section talking about the importance of hand-written correspondence. Here are a few pictures from the museum. On a rainy day its definitely worth a look.
In the interactive section I mentioned viewers were encouraged to write on Post It Notes about why they thought hand writing letters was an important thing to do. Some of my favorite responses: "You can't hold an email or smell the perfume on it from a lover. Can't see how little children's hand writing has improved or the work that went into it." "I saved my grandmother's handwritten letters. Will my grandchildren save my emails? Doubt it." PS - I love to write letters so if you want to get a postcard or little letter in the mail send me your address!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sporkfed's Lemon Ginger Scones

Oh how I long to go to California. The beaches are endless, the men (I imagine) are gorgeous and the food is all vegan. Or well.. a lot of it is from what I hear. LA based sisters Jenny and Heather Goldberg are the duo behind Spork Foods. I came across their online cooking classes a while back and began waiting patiently for them to come out with a cookbook and of course they did. These scones are from their first (I hope there will be many!) cookbook Sporkfed.

I am slowly but surely working my way through this cookbook and these scones were a delicious way to start.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where to Eat Vegan: Martinsburg, WV - Good Natured Market and Vegetarian Cafe

I spent a day in Martinsburg, West Virginia recently and Rachel M. introduced me to Martinsburg's well kept secret: Good Natured Market and Vegetarian Cafe. I went to college not 15 minutes from this place and never knew it existed. They serve up vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals and serve as a venue for ecological films and music.

Every day they have a new veggie burger (check for eggs though!), 3 soups, and a little chalk board full of sandwich and entree specials. Of all the choices I decided to go for the Peanut Noodle Bowl because as Isa pointed out, bowls are where it's at for us vegans. I was not disappointed. A heaping bowl of noods, tomatoes, sprouts, sugar peas, green, and black sesame seeds with a peanuty sauce to top it off was paired with their signature salad and the vegan tahini Goddess dressing.

Things I would like to try in the future: the Toasted Veggie Stack - which has the strange but delicious sounding combination of fried onions and mango (sub vegan cheese of course) and I also had my eye on the Sweetest Potato Falafel.

they even have a store up front that sells everything from plastic bag dryers (I got one so now I don't have to hang them all over the kitchen) to tempeh.