Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where to Eat Vegan: Mercado Agricola Natural - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sometimes while exploring a new city you just get lucky. You've done your homework, you've looked up all the vegan hot-spots, and then you stumble upon this amazing gem that no one ever mentioned. That's how I came upon the Mercado Agricola Natural. Within the walls of the San Juan Museum, every Saturday there is an organic market. While this market is still new, starting only in 2010, this square has a long historical past as a marketplace.

As I stopped at each little booth I was more and more pleased. I walked up to a table laden with thick banana breads, yucca bread, brownies and cakes and the vendor, who happened to be a transplant to the island from New York greeted me by saying "all our breads and desserts on this table are vegan." Yay!! Jams, fresh fruit and herbs, bread from Peace n Loaf as well as veggie soup and cookies from the Hare Krishna run Veggie Garden.

Fifi was my favorite person I met in San Juan. Fifi Bernard, originally from Brazil, lives in San Juan and serves up tasty plates of quinoa and vegetables and this delicious stevia sweetened ginger juice. We took pictures of each other to remember this day :)

If you happen to see this pie during your visit do not pass it up. Vegan and Raw this Avocado based Key Lime Pie was delicious!


Museo de Arte e Historia de San Juan
150 Bulevar del Valle
San Juan, 00901


8am - 1 pm every Saturday

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