Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wedding: Christina and John Nielson

On the day of John and Christina's wedding a light drizzle fell in the morning as the wedding party slowly trickled into Sacred Heart to start setting up and slipping into their dresses and suits. 
The mother of the bride echoed my groan as we surveyed the clouds, hoping for a streak of luck, a welcome surprise.

The life of a second shooter is replete with surprises. Often I don't meet the bride and groom until the day of their marriage. Often only hours before. On this particular day the surprises were teals and pinks, flowing fountains, a rooftop soiree and the most gorgeous afternoon light the bathed the happy couple in its much appreciated rays. 

The rain dried up, the venue was everything I could have hoped for, and the smiles kept coming. 

I like it what the cards turn out in our favor. 


Thanks to Rachel for having me as a second shooter!

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