Sunday, September 27, 2009

Les Aventures Vegetarienne - Paris

Happened upon this place after sitting in Parc Monceau for a couple of hours and then thinking...damn my hunger!

Aqib is not purely a vegetarian restaurant but being Indian is had plenty of options.

bd des Batignolles
75017 Paris

You can take the Rome or the Villiers metro to get there.
Open everyday!

I got the lunch 17 euro formule which is entree(app)+ main course + dessert

Veggie Pakora
Mixed Veggie Curry (carrots, potatoes, asparagus, onions)
Mango Sorbet

and I added a piece of Naan onto that for 2 euros.

My recommendation. Make a day out of it, or at least a morning! Take the metro to Villiers in the morning and hit the market first. They've got fruits and veggies, meat, cheese, linens, wine, and treats. Go there first and pick up a treat like this.

Then walk over to Parc Monceau and check out the flowers and lay out in the grass for a while.

Lay around until you're hungry then head over to Aqib for lunch. From there...I dunno, hop the metro to the Sacre Coeur and catch the sunset and the amazing view.

Next posts will be "What to do and what to skip - Paris" and "Welcome to Limoges!"

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