Thursday, September 24, 2009

Les Aventures Vegetarienne - Paris

33 Rue de Charrone
75011 Paris
01 43 57 53 79

Open Mon- Wed noon to 3 then 6:30 to 10:30pm
Thurs- Sat noon to 3 then 6:30 to 11pm

Deb and I walked a long way to get to this little place that I had read about in the book Vegetarian and Organic Paris which you can get on Amazon. It's British owned (so you can speak either English or French without a problem. It's quite close to the Bastille area, just a 5 minute or so walk from there.

Their deal: 6 soups per day - 5 or which are vegetarian.

Today they had
Tomato soup with meatballs
Lentil soup with coconut milk
Pumpkin soup with avocado (that's what I had!)
Carrot and coriander
Soup au marche (veggie medley)

Most of the soups were purees or close to purees. Is there a term for soup that is mostly pureed but has some lumps still in it? Tess? So I would assume that most days this is what you're going to get, so don't expect a hearty stew or anything real real filling.

Pumpkin Soup with Avocado, side of bread and water with lime (5 euro)

Their dinner special is 3 soups with bread and drink for 6 euro
Lunch formule (special) is soup + salad or cheese or dessert + drink (wine, soad, tea)

that's Deb posing in the window!
My Recommendation: If you're in the area and feel like a light meal of soup then stop in. Perhaps don't trek all over Paris just to get here though if you aren't in the neighborhood. Good if you're already seeing the Bastille area, at Notre Dame or Le Centre Pompidou (though it is a walk from these two so be prepared). Satisfies veggies and meat eaters alike (and I had a picky meat eater with me!)


Chelsea said...

wow! looks yummy! i found this great recipe online for a vegetarian sandwich, it sounded like something you'd like and it's really simple to make. i just made a variation of it using a little peanut butter and some spinach leaves. all you need is whole wheat raisin bread, low fat cream cheese, walnuts, capers, alfalfa sprouts, and a chinese pear. you just slice up the pears, spread on the cream cheese, and add all the rest of the ingredients and viola!

it was really yummy. let me know what you think!
i can't wait to chat with you on skype. :)

Tess Carter said...

mmmm!! those soups look delish!

Not sure about the soup terminology- but I think 'yummy' will suffice :D. Sounds like you & Deb are having a great time- tell her I say hello!

I/Jesse bought my (extremely) early birthday present today- it made me think of you. We were in a Marshalls and found a dijon colored Le Creuset 3.5qt. dutch oven!! Price was about 1/2 what you'd pay at Williams Sonoma or elsewhere!! I was very excited, so we bought it, but I can't use it until my birthday. Thought of you because a)le creuset is some of the best cookware & you're quite at home in the kitchen, but more importantly b)because Le Creuset's cast iron cookware is all made in France and it has "FRANCE" stamped on it. :) Come December I'll have to nab some french recipes to make in it!! :P