Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Creepy Poupees and Churro

Every second Sunday of the month there is a huge flea market in town here. Despite the freezing cold I decided to go out because...well what else is there to do on a Sunday? I noticed last time I went that there were an awful lot of creepy dolls being sold so this time I decided to snap a few portraits to share. Didn't get many - my hands were too cold!

They love dolls here! They even have a little doll hospital!

The one thing I saw here that I would have bought if I lived here was this giant seed container. I would have used it as a jewelry box and learned all the different veggies in French at the same time! The guy tried to convince me that it's possible to ship stuff to the US. Yeah I know...the presents I sent home cost more in shipping than it did to buy the stuff! No fanks!

Of course I wasn't too cold to take off my mittens for some Churro!

Didn't get any stranger pics this week...failure. Had planned on doing that at the flea market but I was too cold. Seriously, I couldn't feel my feet or fingers.

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Martin B. Cherry said...

third one down looks like a baby Bob Hope