Wednesday, December 2, 2009


As many of you already know I will be making to trek back to the states for Christmas and this is seriously the best present I could hope for (thanks Dad!) so this is more of a dream list than an actual wishlist. You just see things when you're shopping and tuck it away for another day - that's what this is.

My fellow blogger Angry Chicken has posted about this book more than once and ever since the first time I heard of it my mouth has been watering. Its stuffed with 160 vegetarian soup recipes!
PS Chels - check this lady's blog out - she does lots of tutorials for clothing alteration!

A remote for my camera! This little guy is only 10 bucks. Might just have to get one while I'm home. This would make getting into my photos AND being in focus so much easier!

Miss Emily over at Inside A Black Apple just posted her newest lovelies! I've been a fan of Emily's paintings for a while - but to have them in necklace form! Would go nicely with my cameo collection.

Brown boots. The problem...I can't find ones that I like - or they look cute when they are sitting on the shelf but not cute when I put them on. These are from Urban Outfitters and just looking at them I think they're cute but they could be terrible on.

I have seen these in so many shop windows here! Mini cocottes made by Le Creuset. They have a lovely turquoise colored one here but Im too lazy to find a picture with the right color. You get the idea. Can't you imagine making casseroles and everyone having their own little cocotte?

That's pretty much it - the things I see and think - one day when I have a "grown up" job :) Oh also some knee high socks! My toes are cold. This I will have to buy while Im home.

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Martin B. Cherry said...

you definitely need a remote for your camera if you wanna take more self portraits.