Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 21

It should be pretty obvious that we are on the same coast now-a-days.

Pang: After spending too much money and not winning a whole lot at the carnival, we decided it was time to make our rounds to take some photographs. I took this photograph of the Farris wheel, and was puzzled as to why it's reflection was showing up on the corner of the photograph, which I think looks like fireworks. Several pictures later I realized the light was bouncing off of the UV filter I had on my lens. An accidental effect that made for an interesting photograph for sure.

Me: Im home! I haven't been super productive since I got back - been too busy seeing friends and family and unpacking and getting settled. Our very own Pang of Coast to Cote invited me to go to the Boonsboro carnival this week to play a little Bingo and I happily agreed. A little country music and greasy food was just what I needed to feel back at home. Admittedly I didn't really miss those things - but I did miss spending time with my friends so it was a night well spent. PS...didn't win at Bingo.

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