Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 22 + pictures from the farm

Pang: This week is my last week with the kiddos until fall. It's the first time we will spend the summer apart in three years, and quite frankly, I am beside myself. Since yesterday was a gorgeous day, we took the opportunity to have a fancy tea party, grab lunch in town, took lots of pictures, and walked to the park (our favorite things to do together). Our last day together is rather gloomy (kind of like how I'm feeling at the moment) so we are watching movies (which we hardly do!), eating popcorn, and having a pizza party. Yay!

Lacey: This weekend I went to visit my grandparents on their little farm out in Poolsville, MD. It was nice to catch up with them and wander around the property with my brother for a bit. My grandfather has a bit of a hoarding "problem." He has piles and piles of old rusted metal scraps and wires and odd objects all over the place. I think it drive my grandmother a little crazy, but it makes for an interesting walk. Every time I would stop to photograph some pile of junk or some old box with a farm logo printed on it Garrett (my brother) would say to himself "I just don't understand you people, you photographers, and I never will."

This is my brother's goat

This little chick had just hatched itself out of its shell and was just hanging out in the incubator while the other chicks thought about getting out too.

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