Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My First Summer of Plants

I've always liked the idea of having herbs and plants. I have always killed any herb or plant I tried to nurture.

But then this summer a couple plants just kinda fell into my lap. And now I am ever so attached to them...

This pretty little basket of herbs came from my friend Katie as a welcome home gift when I got back from France. Inside she planted lemon basil, oregano, thyme, sage, and rosemary. As I drove the little gift herbs home I thought to myself "these will be so pretty for a week until they unexplainably but not unexpectedly die." Well ho ho Miss Pessamist. The end of summer is nearing and they are still going strong. Here is my question though - what happens to them as it gets cooler? Basil is an annual herb while the other 4 are perennial. Uhm....what do I do. Does anyone know? Can they live indoors through the winter. Im so distraught at the thought of them just freezing into the little sad herby icicles. Help me save them!

And then there is this guy. This colorful fern type thing. All summer the ladies at a local plant store have been giving my mom plants, so when she offered me some I figured, why not? This plant was all shriveled and eaten and there were some slimy little leaf eating worms in the box they were in. I planted them half heartedly in a pot with my dad's guidance. They have now almost tripled in size AND sprouted weird "flower" things!

Anyone know what this is? Golden star if you can tell me :)

This ornamental pepper plant was another regift from my mom. I found this old coffee/tea kettle thing at the Harper's Ferry flea market for a dollar! Is this perennial?

So long story short, i successfully grew some plants this summer. Now what? Do they just die?

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James said...

I think the herbs can make it, but they'll need direct sunlight by a window and need to stay warm (so probably not directly beside the window if it's drafty). You can let the basil flower and get the seeds to plant in the spring too!