Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exploring Home: Part 1

So I moved to Old Town Alexandria in the beginning of May and since then the works (yes more than one work) have been driving me into the ground with some insane schedules. I haven't had a proper introduction to my own town so now I'm determined to take some time to do so.

Tonight I took Trike out on the drawbridge of 495 and as luck would have it, the bridge was going up! I watched this cute little pirate ship come under the bridge while airplanes from DCA flew over us and the sun set in the distance. It was a really nice way to end and already pleasant evening.

More trike adventures to come in the future.

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Katie said...

Okay, I'm leaving a list of the topics you should blog about. More to come I'm sure. You have a lot of great ideas and I want to be able to listen to them on demand!

1) Relationships and the benefits of unloading your problems on a circle of friends--as opposed to concentrating venting on your bf.
2) Arizona!
3) Your current perspective on life! Like what you think is important, etc. I loved talking about this with you when we were making Masala Masa Burgers.
4) Your top ten cook books! You're quite a source.

Okay, that's all for now.