Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exploring Home: The Postal Museum

On one of my DC adventure days with Rachel we visited the Postal Museum. While I wouldn't say this was the most engrossing museum I have visited in DC it DID have some interesting stamp specimens as well as a very complete history of the pony express, how mail transitioned to rail and there was an interactive portion in the contemporary section talking about the importance of hand-written correspondence. Here are a few pictures from the museum. On a rainy day its definitely worth a look.
In the interactive section I mentioned viewers were encouraged to write on Post It Notes about why they thought hand writing letters was an important thing to do. Some of my favorite responses: "You can't hold an email or smell the perfume on it from a lover. Can't see how little children's hand writing has improved or the work that went into it." "I saved my grandmother's handwritten letters. Will my grandchildren save my emails? Doubt it." PS - I love to write letters so if you want to get a postcard or little letter in the mail send me your address!

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