Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where To Eat Vegan: Kaya - Pittsburgh, PA

According to their website the cuisine at Kaya is inspired by the sea and the sun. On a hot sticky day in July with no shortage of sun but woefully short on sea we snagged a collaged, tropical table for lunch. Our gracious waiter, likely cursing our desire to sit outside on such a dripping, humid day, confidently pointed out the options that could be made vegan and we chose two to share. 

As we waited for lunch I toured the flowers growing on their patio and ventured into the dark, temple-like bar decorated in gold and blazing red paint. 

Jamaican Green Curry Vegetables and a Peanut Plantain Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries!

The flavorful curry of mushrooms, swiss chard, potatoes and pineapple is ladled over saffron rice. Unlike the fiery green curry of Thai cuisine, Jamaican curry is sweet rather than spicy. 

Fried plantains, chunky peanut butter, spinach and pickled red onions were deliciously stacked into our sandwich.

Next time you're in the Strip District looking for a meal check out Kaya.

2000 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

412- 261- 6565

Monday - Wednesday  11:30am to 10pm
Thursday - Saturday 11:30am to 11pm
Sunday 11am to 9pm

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