Friday, June 5, 2009

I fail

So I've been watching Vanessa's vlogs recently and I know...I've never made a video. Heh...well this is probably why..because I suck at it.

I even did some test shots first for the light..but duh..the test shots have flash and the video doesn't. Oh boy. I will try again sometime I think, because it seems like it might be a more efficient and exciting way to blog when I don't have pictures to post really.


Nessa Kessinger said...

i liked your vlog! i think everyone should vlog. f'real. it's what i do when i want to talk about things that no one would care about in normal conversation, and now that i have a little mini-audience, i can kind of interact with them and it's kind of a little bit cooler now.


i think you should keep vloggin' lady girl.


i love childrens books, too. josh and i take turns reading books like 'james and the giant peach' and 'charlie and the chocolate factory' to each other at nights sometimes. =)

Anonymous said...

yyooouuuuu are the cuuuuutest. and it makes me feel like you're here with me. i like it. do it all the time. please. thanks. kbai.