Friday, August 7, 2009

Gravel Path, Wooden Floors, Video in my Mind

Few things make me happier than my cat. That's gushy and sentimental I know, but it's true. I took these shots today because I felt like my Dailybooths have been a bit lacking in creativity. Also..I took them because I have been thinking about these images in a roundabout way in my head for the past week or so. Im getting the Nikon D90 soon. It shoots HD video and I already have the first video planned out that I want to do but I will have to shoot some footage here and some in France. The part that is most vivid in my mind is me walking up the gravel path barefoot, in my nightgown, really early in the morning and coming all the way inside, up the crooked stairs, and into my little attic room and getting back into bed. This will all make sense months from now when I post the finished video. Right now its just a seed in my head. An inspiring seed the is pushing me to photograph again and spend that hard earned cash on another camera.

tiny little feet

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