Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coast to Côte Week 2

Week two of the collaboration and we have a name for our project and a banner! We bumped some names back and forth but finally decided on this nice mix of English and French.

Just thinking of it now but it might be more interesting if we talk about the pictures a tad bit rather than just post it with no comment? I can't speak for Pang's picture but my picture this week was inspired by all the rain we got. All week as I was walking around at night seeing the way the orange lights bounced off the road I wanted to take a picture. This particular night I was jogging at the school and each lap I would stare at the puddles and how the light changed as I moved around them. So after my run I hopped back into jeans and decided to get my toes wet. I thought it would be an interesting contrast between the cold dark colors of the pavement and water and the warm colors from the lights. Let me tell you - those lights didn't lend any warmth at all to that water. This was a very short photoshoot as I wanted to keep all my toes :)
Week 2 down! Enjoy!

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