Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coast to Côte Week 3

Week 3 - new and improved with commentary!

Pang: This photograph was taken at the famous Katz Delicatessen in the lower East Side of Manhattan. Going up to New York City last week, our friends took us there for a late dinner and promised some really scrumptious food. Upon entering, I noticed the salamis hanging from the ceiling in the front window. Right away, I knew I wanted a picture and it was perfect that J was standing right in front of all of them hanging in rows. I really liked how the neon sign is in the heart of the photograph illuminating the shot as well. When Lacey sent me her photograph, I knew I wanted to use this picture so as to tie the two shots together; the hanging pods from her shot and the salamis in mine. It's funny how side by side, they almost look the same.

Me: I took this picture on the first warm day we have had since the cold of winter descended on Limoges. I was out walking along La Vienne with practically all the rest of Limoges (at least all the over 50s for sure) when I came upon these unfamiliar pods hanging from a tree on the bank. I spent most of the afternoon photographing the vegetation along the river which in general was sparse but almost budding in some cases. This particular shot I liked most for its composition and also for its cold drab winter tones but I liked that in the right corner where the sun is just peaking into the frame, a slightly warmer tone enters the equation. The optimist in me could consider it a future promise of spring.

Check in next week!

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