Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Flea Market - Creepy Doll of the Month

Somehow I never got around to posting flea market pictures this month! The ground was freshly powdered and iced on this particular day, which made for a sad turnout both in prospective junk buyers and in vendors. Regardless I bundled up and went out for my churro and browsing.

Far fewer creepy babydolls this time - but there is always at least one!

I wanted this brooch like you can't imagine. Pretty much anything with a face on it I'm bound to love. Old man face? Even better.

My self portrait for the day.

Some friends dropped by.


chelsea! said...

did you get the brooch? haha that creepy baby doll! EEP! so scary. :)

Lacey said...

I didn't get the brooch :( I am saving monies for traveling instead.

Martin B. Cherry said...

cats' second step fall in the same place as their first step so they would make less noise as they stalk (stealth mode). the tracks in the picture reminded me of that fun fact.

Lacey said...

Ah you know I was actually wondering why the prints had come out that way. Those prints were the clearest in the snow but I was a little bummed that those were the only ones I could find because I thought they weren't "right." Thank you for that tid bit :)