Monday, April 5, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 12

Sorry Im late this week!

Pang: This is the week for Cherry Blossoms to bloom at it's least that's what the Post says. In Shepherdstown, Cherry Blossom trees are sprinkled throughout, mostly in people's backyards where I can't just wander in for a quick snap. Today was the first beautiful day in a little while. It was rather windy, but I didn't mind it too much since it was blowing all the clouds and the ickiness out of this area. I went for a little stroll and rested underneath this blossom tree. It was perfect. The wind was blowing it's delicate little pedals (you can slightly tell in the photograph), but they held on for dear life!

Me: I have been excessively tired this weekend (maybe one of those darn kids gave me a virus) so I have been sleeping at odd hours and awake at times I should be asleep. It rained almost all this week and the clouds (both white and puffy and dark and rainy) have been moving through Limoges night and day. One night while I was awake when I should have been sleeping I opened my window to snap this.

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