Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coast to Cote Week 13

Pang: Brian and I went exploring over the weekend. Sometimes, we like to walk around town and take photographs together and this time, he suggested we visit some cemeteries within walking distance. We visited a couple before heading to Rosehill Cemetary, a peculiar little space that housed a good mixture of really old and new tombstones. The odd thing about this place was that parts of it were not kept up, so there were trees and vines all growing over it and there were tombstones on hillsides and then one just off my itself...this one. I tried to Google his name, but I was really unable to find any solid evidence of who he was, what he was doing in Shepherdstown, and why he passed so young. You know, just curious. Rest in Peace, Mr. McElroy.

Lacey: Vacationing at Rome at the minute (poor me I know) and spent a day walking around the Forum and seeing the Colosseum. Rome is filled with old churches and at one of them I stopped to take pictures of the candles. More vacation pictures next week!

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