Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gadget Wishlist

Another wishlist? Gosh doesn't this topic sound exciting?! No? Just me? Alright, well. I was thinking after I posted about the books I want to get eventually that there are also lots of kitcheny tools I'd like/need to have.

I've started making my own veggie stocks and quinoa is cooking at least once a week and I've realized how indispensable a fine mesh strainer is. Lucky for me, the tiny Donzelot kitchenette came with a strainer, but my home collection is sadly lacking this useful little tool. Feast your eyes on this Fancy Strainer. Its only fancy in price from what I can tell.

Speaking of stock....Le Creuset if it wasn't obvious.

As the end of my time here approaches I'm starting to think of all the great baked goods I will have to painstakingly search for, do without, or make for myself. Madeleines are way high up on my list of treats here (beat out only by Visitandines and Jam Cookies) and gotta have the Madeleine Pan to make them! This Chicago Brand pan got good reviews. Some people said the little treats basically fell out of the pan without it even being greased or floured. I will believe that when I see it. Which will hopefully be soon! Williams-Sonoma also has a fancy one, but I'm already accused of being a snob on a pretty regular basis and I can't see that helping.

Is it totally old ladyish of me to want Fiestaware? Really, I'm asking. I've gotten kinda used to using tiny cups here in France and just having a pitcher of water on the table all the time for frequent refills. This actually helps me not gulp food down with a big swig of water because I have to pause to refill. This is a very easy ebay or antique store find. My habitual downtown Frederick haunt has a whole section of these things. This color on ebay is also quite nice.

Know what else I like? Salad!. This website (Branch Homes) is one of my favorites (thanks Tess!). They use recycled or organic materials and this particular product, the organic bamboo salad bowl is made by the company Bambu in China that is dedicated to sustainable practice and fair labor practices. Paired with these cute servers also by may make friends?

Alright Im sure there are tons of other things I want, but that will do for the moment.


How did I forget this?! I NEED Le Creuset Crepe Pan. Crepe People.


Catherine said...

Fiestaware! I love it. I'm still hoping to try those beet brownies you mentioned ;-)

Tess Carter said...

make sure your fiestaware isn't radioactive ;)

Also, whenever you visit Pittsburgh we need to take you to Pamela's. Seriously. Their specialty is crepe-style hotcakes and they're AMAZING. Apparently Obama even flew one of their cooks to the white house for an event. They are SO good!

PS- Marshalls & TJ Maxx often times have Le Creuset items on sale- that's where I got mine. Plus- have you seen their mini on-serving casseroles that are shaped like berries & fruits? I got Nell a pepper one for Christmas- ADORABLE. You can find them on amazon.