Thursday, May 3, 2012

Somewhere New: State College, PA

I'm a little behind on blogging these days. S'cuse!

For the month of March I went to visit my old-time(er) friend Jon in State College where he is furiously (sometimes grumpily) working on getting his Dr in Sociology. State College is a college town but is still fairly sleepy even for that so we spent the weekend just talking and walking. Jon introduced me to his favorite coffee shop Saint's Cafe where I got my first soy spiced chai latte. I have yet to find another one that compares! Here are some pictures of me following Jon around and pestering him with my camera.

Giving me a tour of the "stacks" in the university library.
What are these mysterious markings, I wonder? Another month down - get ready for a ton of Miami posts as I try to catch up on blogging! Happy Travels!


Jon said...

It was called Saint's Cafe, and I'm studying sociology, not psychology. Close enough, though.

Lacey said...

Oh geeze, I knew that! Why did I write psychology? Sorry Jon.