Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where to Eat Vegan: Help Yourself - Key West, FL

One of my favorite places in Key West was Help Yourself. Part cafe, part market and part store this place was warm, inviting and delicious. Everything is made to order and they cater to everyone - whether you are meat eating, gluten free, veg or raw. It is not, however, a buffet - contrary to what the name might suggest.

While you may help yourself to napkins, a mason jar of water and a seat on their long communal benches, the name Help Yourself seems more to refer to the wonderful foods and juices that will not only tickle your palate but will help you to lead a more balanced life that is connected to the food you just put in your mouth. If you take a quick peek at their mission statement you'll notice reoccuring phrases and words like: without compromise, access, everyone, and community.

I loved the laid back feel and graceful beauty of these ladies. I actually felt at home here - it reminded me of Mellow Moods in Shepherdstown. Right down to the chalkboard menu and the delicious juices.

Marty and I ate here twice during our stay in Key West and got to try several of the dishes and juices.

I really loved this TLT wrap with big ole avocado chunks. One morning, Marty got the French Toast and while I must admit that I have always been suspicious of soggy toast this toast was really well prepared and I was experiencing a bit of food envy.

On our last morning in Key West, Marty got the Fruit Parfait with its layers of crunchy, sweet goodness and I got the Ancient Secret Salad. As expected, both were yummy and refreshing.

While you are sitting outside enjoying your treats you can also enjoy their raised garden. Look at these baby kales!

If you find yourself in Key West absolutely make time to go to Help Yourself and if you are there on a Monday (11am to 5pm) pick up some produce at their market.

Help Yourself

829 Fleming Street
Key West, FL 33040


Store 8am - 6pm
Juice Bar 8am - 6pm
Cafe 8am -4pm

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