Friday, December 27, 2013

Where to (Tr)Eat Vegan: Oh Yeah! Ice Cream & Coffee - Pittsburgh, PA

Call Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Coffee and the phone will be answered with a sprinkle encrusted Koolaid impersonation of  "Oh yeah!" 
Ok, kinda cheeseball. Kinda reminds me of the corporate nonsensical naming of scoops at Coldstone but go to Oh Yeah! and you'll be far from corporate but you WILL find a healthy dose of the nonsensical. 

Part waffle and ice cream joint, part mini library and community computer space part bank. 
Wait - bank?
 Whalebone Intergalactic Cafe Banco to be exact. They also sell stamps and envelops.

To be honest I was just here to eat some ice cream on top of a waffle. Let us press on. 

Enter cinnamon waffle topped with soy chocolate ice cream. 

Two modest waffle irons pump out waffles and for a family of 500 like mine this requires some patience. Spend your time waiting by perusing the list of flavors and toppings. Vegans, you've got it easy with only a few of these to choose from but having options at all is a blessing!

They also sell organic coffee roasted at 19 Coffee Company so if you are into that fancy bean water check that out. 

Not everyone loved the idea of soggy ice cream waffles.

I will say that these waffles, as can be the case with many vegan waffles, felt a bit empty. Lots of cinnamon flavor but not much else to give it a full flavor to stand up to the richness of the ice cream. Perhaps because they were gluten free? I don't know. 
Overall satisfying but not a waffle that changed my life. Kudos for carrying Earth Balance and real maple syrup though!

In short this is a homey little spot for a treat, a book and maybe some off the beaten path banking.

232 S. Highland Ave

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