Saturday, November 15, 2008

All Mixed Up

Miss Pang hosted an art show that was sponsored by Mountaineer Beer at the Mens Club friday night. The show was a super success and Pang is now a highly sought after curator! For those of you pretty people who couldn't go here is what I put in the show.

Strawberry Field, Hyeres France, 2008

Centre Ville, Hyeres, France, 2008

Through the Window, Hyeres, France, 2008

AND PLUS! In other news...I am not leaving Shepherdstown as soon as I had planned. Instead Pang and Jr and moving into my place....and I am staying! Roomies! You will see much more fun Pang and Lacey adventures soon! Now we are bff for reals


Tess said...

so you're staying in Sheperdstown eh? What are you gonna be up to after graduation? Do you have a job yet? fun fun!

Lacey said...

No job just yet. I get a week off for Thanksgiving here soon so I plan to devote a day to revamping the resume and posting it to some job sites. Pang may have scored me a gig to do some photos for a singer in Baltimore and we have several ideas for craft fairs coming up so those are little side things I might do for now. In addition my prof has some contacts that might need assistants on and off so I will be bothering them for work too. For now I will keep waitressing because I love it, they feed me, and I make great money. Christmas is a terrible time for job searching so I am hoping the market will open up again in January or February when the new fiscal year starts and then hopefully I can land something fun and steady.
For now I am just looking forward to having a constant crafting/cooking partner, and working some more at Kazu (my restaurant). I was really getting sad thinking about leaving this place so Im glad that Pang and JR invited me to stay so I can make a little more money for the holidays and hang out some before I have to get a "grown-up" job.
Are you working at all?

Pang said...

wow, i wouldn't say that i'm "a highly sought after curator!" or anything like that! you flatter me! anywho, we are glad to have you. more cooking and sewing to come! yay!

tess said...

lol No work for now- I was part timing for the marketing place I used to work for, but getting a Master's in a year means a heavy course load. Nothing but school for me! I did sell my first painting, and I keep saying I'll sell paintings (I've had multiple people wanting to know if I sell), but I have yet to get that ball rolling. Once we move in May (not sure where to yet), I'll either look at teaching elementary art or kindergarten or possibly working at a gallery. If not- if we go somewhere I can't get a job, like Los Alamos- I'll try to sell paintings. Not lucrative, but my dream job. It'll all depend on where we go- they're all completely different locations. 'till then- I'm finishing my M. Ed!

I always hear that after Christmas is usually a good time to look for jobs- hopefully you'll find something awesome that you love. :) Sounds like you've got a good thing going for the mean time though! :D

tess said...

ps have you ever seen this place- ran across it- thought you and Pang would like it if you hadn't seen it already.

Check out the vendors if you haven't before- pretty fun stuff- especially Superbuzzy- they've got some cute dachshie fabric and others.