Saturday, November 1, 2008

Book Club Update: The Big Over Easy, October

Pangs pick for October turned out to be a very nice read. While I will say it was a little slow to start, once it got into the investigation the book went in directions I had not even imagined. There were some stories and characters that I had a little trouble with as far as placing them.

One of these was Georgia Porgia, the ruthless gang mobster who splits the tongues of his victims. I found the little rhyme that goes with it. Something I was not familiar with and perhaps Pang wasn't either.

Tell tale tit
Your tongue shall be slit
And every little dog in the town
Shall have a little bit.

Both of us were a bit miffed by the Jellyman. As far as I can find, Fforde made up the Jellyman. There is no actual story to go behind this character. Should anyone be able to prove me wrong please do so.

Also, the Sacred Gonga seems to also be made up. I dont know if this was supposed to be funny? A weed joke? If so kinda out of place.

But look what I found! the nursery crime website!.

What did you think of the book Pang?


this chickadee said...

hey lacey!

pang told me about your book club and i'd like to join! i read the big over easy and i agree, it was a slow start. not being much of a detective/mystery person i wasn't too sure about it, especially with the premise being crimes perpetrated by nursery rhyme characters. but it certainly picked up as the case developed and it became an enjoyable, light and fun read. i've just finished it and am pleasantly surprised that i enjoyed it!

i also checked out the website. did you find the part where you can enter a "secret code" and get more information? there are alternate first chapters and an interview of the author by humpty dumpty. a little bit hokey, but then you do have to suspend your disbelief to like this book.

looking forward to more reading fun!

Lacey said...

Well welcome to the club :) You will make us look legit and not just two silly girls reading the same book. This month we are reading Interview with the Vampire if you are interested. I picked this month and you are welcome to pick the book next month if you want.

I did see the "secret code" part of the webpage but I had loaned the book out already and couldn't remember the aid's name so I didn't get to see that part of the website. I was a little surprised to see such a following for the books on the website. Some people commented that the book was hilarious and full of the authors genius humor. I myself didn't quite see any of that in the book, in fact many of the jokes were kinda corny, but like you said it was a light, fun, and very fast read.

Pang said...

i personally don't see anything wrong with corny! i really liked the book from the start, maybe it's just me being excited about reading the book, but i didn't notice the slow start. i really liked all of the different twists and turns Jasper wrote into the book. it made me like nursery rhymes even know, since encounter them every other day. the ending with the monster came as a nice little surprise for me. i really liked this book, so i started reading the second book in the series, "the Fourth Bear," while Lacey was looking for a copy of "Interview..." for me...i'm liking it so far...anyway, i haven't checked out the website yet, so i will let you know what i think when i get the chance.

Pang said...

ps - welcome to the club Becky! like Lacey said, we are now officially legit!