Monday, November 17, 2008

Duchess and self indulgence

Yesterday was perhaps one of the loneliest days I have had in quite some time. Dad came in the morning to help move some furniture home to make room for the new roomies, but he was here all of half and hour. The rest of the day I spent lazing around the house. I decided to go see The Duchess at the Opera House. Is this the first time I saw a movie in a theatre by myself? It just might be. What a movie to pick to go alone. This movie was not at all what I expected (do most people know her story already and Im just an idiot?). Girls, prepare for some empathy heartbreak when you see this movie. Her husband is the only man in London who doesn't love her, despite her beauty and influence, she is constantly put in her place as a woman, constantly slighted and basically is forced to live a life of repressed depression. Oh my. There was a woman in front of me, and you know the type, who talked to herself throughout the entire film, ohing and ahing and tsking the husband and at the end she burst into tears and I felt bad that she too was there alone. Maybe she needed a good cry? Well done movie, very beautifully filmed, but sheesh is it a downer.

So afterwards as you can imagine I was feeling glum so I decided to raise my spirits with some carefree spending. There is a little Indian jewlery shop in town here so I bought myself some Lapis earrings

Then I went over to the coffee and candlery and got some polenta and these sweet little bake dishes that I plan to make sweet little cupcakes with.

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