Friday, November 28, 2008

The Week You Missed

I didn't take many pictures over the break- just didn't feel like it I guess. Most nights were spent at the bars, so what I do have looks a lot like this. This is from Brewer's Art in Baltimore, a swanky dungeon vampire bar that we went to for Rex's birthday, I would recommend it. Jon and Erik spent a lot of time in Frederick and we had a "sing-along" last night until the wee hours of the morning which is what I have been waiting for all week. We played all the old songs we love, Bright Eyes (You Will You Will You Will) some Socco Amaretto Lime, Get Up Kids, Weezer (Jamie, Say it Aint So), all the old ones I used to sing. It had been a really different kind of break this year,everyone comes home and everyone has problems to one extent or another, and now we all go back. Dinner with Trey, bar hopping with Brittney, movies with Bug, being dragged home by Jon, it has been a long week

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