Sunday, December 28, 2008

Domestic Tendencies

Christmas has come and gone just as fast as it snuck up on me. This was a very different kind of Christmas for me. For one, there was no major breakdown on my dad's side of the family, no mentally scarring event. Second, this was the first year I really felt like Christmas, the whole getting up in the morning for presents deal, didn't belong to me. I live in Shepherdstown now and that feels like home, my little slave quarters with Hibou, not mom's house or dad's. So getting up in the morning and opening my stocking was an awkward experience. It felt more natural doing it with my room-mates (which we did the day before Christmas, we had a nice little Christmas morning complete with biscuits and gravy). Third, I was bad on Christmas...again (there I got to say it Pang :) I went to a Texas Hold Em game Christmas eve after all the presents and that and ended up just pulling an all nighter. Shameful I know. I got home before the girls woke up though but there was no fooling Rick (mom's fiance).

Here are the presents I geeked out about the most. I can't seem to deny this domestic urge inside of me that fuels me to hold kitchen utensils as some of my most favorite and most desired of objects. Few girls get the fuzzies for a zester or some tart tins. Few girls but this girl. Im going to put them in a hope chest so that one day some handsome man will take me to his mother for approval and she will say " you're the daughter in law of my dreams!" Sike! (you all remember that word? I don't know where I pulled that out of) Im using these here new kitchen utensils pronto!

And here is what I got from Pang and JR. That sweet cookbook in the back is a giant book of traditional French cuisine. Look out, im moving into gourmet territory! Pang also got me that corduroy purse...corduroy is not for hippies, despite what Brian may say.

P.S. I got that food processor I have been talking about for like the past year. Soon to come: humus, salsa, soups and more :)

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