Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boober and Mommy's last photobooth of 2008

I managed to engage Hibou is one last photoshoot of 2008 before I go gussy myself up for the wolves of 2009. Sorry for the greasy hair in these pictures, I am getting to the shower I promise.

So for this first one I told her to smile. She didn't seem to be too enthused by my smile so this was all I got from her.

Ok at this point CJ has come in the room and she is getting embarrassed. I told her to look cutely innocent..she just looks pissed that CJ is in our room.

"Ok now show some 'tude Boober..but not too much, we still want people to love us"

Happy New Years my dear readers. Don't shame yourselves and I will try not to too.

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