Monday, April 6, 2009

Seattle in Pictures Part 2

This is kinda the wrong angle for it..but our butts looked awesome

Lurve this girl

Dancing at R Place made us hungry

I made Katy REALLY hungry

On our way to Portland...with no driver-side window

Longingly wanting this dress at Narcisse....check out their blog

What was this place called Katy? We walked around for a good solid hour looking for "a non-corporate Olive Garden" and we came upon this place which was ...well perfect.

Also in Portland...Powells! If i could already spend the entire day in Wonderbook...I could live at Powells no problem. This aisle I have pictured here is an entire aisle for French joke, what the F. So obviously this is where I hung out pretty much the whole time we were in the store.

We went to the Crystal Ballroom to see some hippy show (Bonnie "Prince" Billy).which totally overwhelmed us as you can see from Katy's darling face

So as midnight came around and we started thinking...huh we should head back to Seattle unless we want to sleep in the car. So! We got the bright idea to plastic wrap the car window because at this point it was pretty cold and the prospect of driving three hours without a window again wasn't so appealing. So yeah..we did it. And we did it poorly. We made a spectacle of ourselves and men stopped to try to help us but shooot we dont need no help being silly. Some guy stopped to admire our work and told us he "liked our technique." Well...we taped it all up and started driving and the noise...well it was awful! So we stopped before getting on the highway and did some more taping and added another layer thinking that would help. We pulled onto the highway and immediately the "window" started to howl and seizure and within 10 seconds it had ripped itself free and was slapping against the top of the car. Failed... big time. So for the next five minutes while we were driving Katy was trying to pick it off the side of her car to stop the noise of it slapping the roof while I manned the wheel and tried not to kill us. The end. We drove home in the cold with no window.


Nessa Kessinger said...

what a stylish group of people!! i'm so jealous that you got to spend time in seattle! josh wants to move there so bad, and i can't argue one way or the other because i've never been. =)

i'm glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

piazza italia! man i want that food RIGHT NOW. oohhhh these pictures make me sooo happy. stop dilly dallying and get back here. so much lurve.