Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seattle In Pictures Part 1

Ok...dont expect tourist pictures, I did that last time. Seattle and Portland were awesome. So glad I went! Fanks Katy!

Hello Li'l Ernie!

Puppy loved me :)

OK..last chug pictures I swear

Look at how pretty the sky was on my first day!

See that building in the background? That's the building from the movies Singles...Katy lives right across from it. I've never seen the movie so I can't geek about it like other people who have seen it might but there you have it.

I liked the motivational words she wrote on her mirror...and I felt like a greasy self-pic would capture that well...

First night at the Cresent. Thats Williampoo singing.

William caught my doin' a 'tude face.

and a little bit more

Hello Coco Pigeon

We are buddies

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Anonymous said...

yyooouuu are WELCOME! i'm so excited for all the parts to this post. <3KBAI!