Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seattle in Pictures Part 3

low-fi Mad Rad show..thats my Katy dancing

William at work

This was the most beautiful day

this will only be funny to Katy and William...i dont want to say which "way" this is..but you two know :)

Katy voming in the sink...jk

lunch at the baguette box...drools over truffle fries

I didnt really work too hard on my series as you can tell

The following pictures are of notes that Katy left around the house for William who is house/coco sitting while she is in MD...too funny not to share

And thats its folks. Seattle is awesome. Nessa should move there and then maybe I will follow.


tess said...

lol I actually like that last 'series' post. It seems to say... "lalalala! I'm taking a vacation and laying in the sun" :)

Nessa Kessinger said...

you're making it sound more and more tempting. =) it wouldn't be for a few years, but i think it's going to happen.