Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inconnus - Post 2

I was feeling restless one night - not ready to resign myself to just reading for the next few hours before bed - so I packed up my tripod and camera and went out into the night. It was one of the coldest nights I have spent in France yet. With their collars pulled high and their heads tucked down, eyes on the pavement, my possible portrait subjects glided by in the night before I could even work up the courage to open my mouth.

I stopped in front of Le Trianon to take a short video of the flickering neon above the door. A man came out to see his friends off into the night and spotted me, crouched next to my tripod - intently watching the dancing light on the screen of my camera. He asked what I was doing and without really explaining the video I launched into the "can I take a picture of you speech" that I had been rehearsing in my head since well before the first stranger I approached. He obliged.

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm really quite pleased with this one. The lighting was just how I like it and he gave me exactly the kind of expression I was looking for.

Yesterday was lovely - jacket weather again. I walked down by la Vienne for a few hours and asked a few more strangers for portraits.

I liked this guy because he told me I didn't sound like the normal American. Or rather..he said I didn't sound like a duck - and then proceeded to quack loudly. We must seems so charming to the French - haha.

Stay tuned for next weeks Inconnus post!

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