Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Limoges

This Saturday 20 some of us assistants and friends gathered for a Thanksgiving feast. Alex, Callum and Ansleigh really pulled out all the stops and we ended up having way more food than we could even eat and it was all amazing.

They started cooking the day before - making pumpkin pies from scratch (whole pumpkins I tell you!) and getting up early to go to the market downtown.

Some of the stuff they made like these little guys were so cute. I didnt try one because of the mallow on top but I think they were clementines that were hollowed out and then filled with sweet potatoes and topped with cinnamon and marshmallows? In any case they were super cute!

This was a goat cheese app covered in tomatoes and capers. Really nice.

The cranberry sauce was amazing. Im going to beg Alex for the recipe and hopefully she wont mind if I share it with you all too!

That plate of brown stuff behind the green beans was Guillaume's home-made seitan! It was so nice to have him there - he cooked some great little veggie dishes for us to split and we talked about vegetarianism/veganism. He sure knows his stuff - he even switched to English for a bit because the vocab was out of my league in French and I was super impressed with his English vocb. Obviously very passionate about being vegan.

They made 4 little chickens which I heard turned out quite well.

I'm pretty sure Callum was on "cut things up" duty all day long.

Our cooks!

What's cool about this place (Ansleigh, Anais and Jon live here) is that its an old hospital - or the old infirmary for the school that's across the street I think. So there are all these examination rooms that are just not being used! Kinda creepy but also kinda cool - I want to buy a wide-angle lens and go to town on that place. Would love to shoot a video there.

There is still all kinds of stuff like this laying around in the rooms they don't use.

Old waiting room type furniture.

Also I got a few portraits real quick when I could get someone to sit still long enough.

Jon from England.

This is my inconnu for the week. Didn't know her before so it counts!

Anais (pronounced Anne-I-eese)

Alex was gracious enough to pause in her frantic cooking for this one :)

Turned out to be a smash success I would say. We started at 2pm and we all hung out until almost 9pm. Then we headed over to Adam's place for a house-warming party that went well into the next morning. So nice to have friends! Plenty to be thankful for here!

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