Saturday, November 7, 2009

La Cure Gourmande -Paris

Walking down the street towards Bio Bio after getting off at the Opera stop - I was pulled into a brightly lit, mustard yellow store by this creepily charming face. The overall design of the store - the way the colors stood out against the drab concrete facades of its neighbors - was what caught my eye in the first place. But once I found out that the contents of the store were biscuits and sweets...well that just solidified my need to enter.

chocolate chip diamonds!

almond topped cookies!

Now you might think that biscuits and other little tea treats are more of a british thing than a French thing...and'd be right - but these little treasures (as far as I can tell) a fully baked and sold in France. There are a few stores in Belgium and one in Barcelona - but it seems that is the extent of this companies expansion at present.

Anyhow - biscuit in this sense - refers to a British style biscuit which is really a cookie - not grandma's down south biscuits (though I would kill for one now that I've thought of it). A bit different from our cookies in America - these biscuits tend to be dryer then our cookies but usually offer plenty of sweet taste or savory filling - and are meant to be eaten with tea (or milk, soy milk, what have you).

But this little store doesn't stop at biscuits, they also offer chocolates, sweet candies, chocolate olives, caramels, nougat, and each comes wrapped in a pretty little tin or pail.

Check out their website. You can order boxes online, get nutritional info (why? it's dessert?!) or even open you're own franchise!

PS...I sent a box of little goodies home to a certain someone. If the treats are well received by her I will bring more home for others when I'm home at Christmas.

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