Friday, November 20, 2009

La Religieuse

Passing all the bakery and patisseries its impossible not to stop in from time to time....every day.... and try something new. I had seen this little pastry several times and wanted to give it a try.

I got a particularly lopsided one.

Similar to a chocolate eclair - this little pastry is called La Religieuse. The day I bought it and brought it home I asked every French person I knew and saw why it was called that. No one knew. So I turned to the internet. Apparently - it's called a La Religieuse because it resembles a nun. Alright.

In short this is a puff pastry filled with creme - chocolate or otherwise flavored - topped with another little puff pastry and decorated in chocolate glaze. I'm told that the best of the best of these sweets are found at Laduree. Ryan and I tried to find this one day when we were walking on Champs Elysees, but somehow we missed it. Planning on getting there during my one day in Paris before I come home for Christmas.

Im trying to stay in shape at the same time so I opted for the really tiny sized one. Staying in shape...not going so well.

This just doesn't say tasty pastry to me...

Side Note: I am going out of town this weekend to try the new Beaujolais at the heart of its production! Won't be able to post my Inconnu post until I return. Look forward to some wine talk when I get back!


Rémi said...

It's called like this because it is supposed to look like a nun ;)

Of course your pastry doesn't have legs and probably doesn't spend the day praying, but if you have a look at the white parts on the cake and on the suit of the nun, I think you'll understand why people say they look alike.

thérèse said...

Haha, I love religieuses! I just learned the other day why they were named as such, and I don't particularly see the resemblance.

Lacey said...

Remi...why didn't they give her some eyeballs then?! Really..I think you're the only French person who knows this information - everyone else just shrugged their shoulders when I asked why it was named that.
Anyhow - I've decided they aren't my favorite - don't like the pastry part of it enough, just the filling.