Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Coast to Côte Week 4

Week 4 of our project - seems like even as far away as we are our visions seem to be pretty in sync!

Pang: Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to have assisted a local photographer with her photoshoots on location. We shot at an old farm house that belonged to her husband's family and his mom was an antique dealer/collector, so as you could imagine, this beautiful old house, was filled with lots of ornate furnitures. I was at awe when I first walked into the house and started snapping photographs right away. In the foyer of this house hung a crystal chandelier that I fell in love with. The natural light was extra bright from the snow outside so I stood right underneath it and focused on the lowest part of the chandelier.

Me: Believe it or not it snowed buckets the whole morning of the day I took this picture and then it all melted a few hours later. The sun peaked out for a few minutes during my walk and I snapped a few pictures before the clouds rolled back in. I really cant wait for spring to come and for the riverside and the botanical gardens to bloom again.

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