Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Somewhere New: Boston

So last month I decided to travel more. Everyone says this I guess but I wanted to be serious. So I made myself a little rule: Every month I will go somewhere new. Granted - some months I wont have the funds or the time to go away for a weekend but even if all I can manage is a day trip I'm going to keep to this idea. So for the month of October I chose to run away to Boston. Or Somerville to be more accurate.

Since I was here over the Halloween weekend there was lots of spooky things being offered. The Armory was offered a viewing of of the 1922 black and white silent movie Nosferatu with a live orchestra playing the accompanying music. This was my first time seeing the film and I loved it (although I was reading the book Dracula over the weekend and my brain kept doing that annoying thing where it picks out differences between the two).

The highlight of my second day was walking around taking pictures and going to the dia de los muertos festival at the Taza chocolate factory.

I really wanted to take this weekend to explore things on my own and work on my street photography a little. I ended up having the perfect weekend, eating amazing food and getting to know my old high school friend Colleen again. I can't wait to share where I go next month!


Melissa Rogers said...

I wish I would have known you were up here! The Armory is literally at the end of my street.

Lacey said...

Oh dang! Well I absolutely loved it and want to come back to that area when it's warm again so maybe next time we can meet up! How are you liking it? By the way - shot in the dark - do you know anyone in Chicago who would be willing to host a stranger (me!)? I'm planning to go there in a few months and would love to find a friend or friend of a friend. If not I still have couch surfing as an option.