Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Somewhere New: Fallingwater

For the month of November I had a companion for my Somewhere New project. Remi, a friend I made while teaching English in France came to visit me for the week of Thanksgiving. Pretty much everything we did last week, aside from visiting with my family was new for me as well as him.

During our week we went to Fallingwater just outside of the town of Ohiopyle. Frank Lloyd Wright built this house for the Kaufmann family in the late 1930's. Unfortunately you can't take pictures inside but this house was really quite unique and modern, even by today's standards. It's actually on the Smithsonian's Life List of places to see before you die.

There were windows that were built into the corners of houses so that when you opened them the who corner of the house stood open to the wilderness and waterfall surrounding the house. The fireplace in the main living room was built around a boulder. Literally. The boulder is the hearth. Oh and the master bedroom, which was really Mrs. Kaufmann's room (they had separate rooms, smart couple!) had this awesome row of window boxes on the inside of the widow to the bathroom. I really recommend visiting the house for yourself because there are all sorts of amazing things he did there. Another fun fact, the Kaufmanns had a weenie dog!

It rained during our trip but it really just made for a better waterfall and a smaller crowd of people.

Look out for next months Somewhere New!

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Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

beautiful photos!! It was great to see you last week and to meet Remi!