Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast at Poplar Springs

Today was a gorgeous day filled with food, friends and adorable animals. I'm sooo glad I found out about Poplar Springs in time to make it to the vegan Thanksgiving potluck. I've started volunteering there with my brother and while our job consists of scooping up poop and distributing fresh hay it does allow us some play time with the animals.

After a few little hiccups (Pang got repremanded for calling it a farm and not a sanctuary which is actually my fault because I call it "the farm" because it's shorter than "the sanctuary") we settled into a cozy picnic on the grass and flat out stuffed ourselves. Some of our favorites were the curry samosas, the spicy asian noodles, the veggie lasagna, some amazing mashed potatoes, yummy sauteed kale and of course the cashew mac and cheese. We piled out plates high with dessert as well and I must say, I think my chocolate beet cake went over pretty well! Can't wait for next year!

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Tiff said...

This is such a nice idea, the vegan Thanksgiving at an animal sanctuary. I am attending a vegan Thanksgiving at a restaurant this year before heading to see family. Great photos and beautiful animals.