Thursday, May 3, 2012

Exploring Home - An Epic Day in the District

A few weeks ago I spent an epic day with Rachel. We worked on our MLK project (which is to be called Collecting the Dream and will soon be released for viewing and participating via a website/blog) in the morning and then decided to just go all out for the rest of the afternoon.

We started our day at Ghana Cafe with some delicious fou fou, peanut soup and fried plantains.

Next we decided to get some smoothies at Everlasting Life (which I will post about eventually because it deserves its own post!) and were joined by our buddies Phil and Natalie.

After that we decided to walk around Columbia Heights. We happened upon Howard University campus and noticed a greenhouse at the top of the science building. Yeah...we went up. Amazing view.

In the evening we went to the Hirshorn to see Song 1 by Doug Aitken. It was really a surreal experience to be standing on the sidewalk with strangers soaking in this music and the images. May 11th there will be an live performance

After spending half an hour at the Hirshorn we felt a sudden NEED to go to Ben's Chili Bowl (also will get it's own post) for a bowl of onion filled chili. Unfortunately they had run out of veggie dogs so Rachel and I sufficed with chili while Phil ate his half-smoke. Next time I will throw a tantrum if they give me that excuse again though!

While sitting at the counter munching this man approached and started talking us up. He took our picture with his fancy camera and so I took his pictures as well.

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