Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miami Design District and the Rubell Family Collection

Miami, like any large city, is divided up into little neighborhoods. We had heard good things about Wynwood District and were eager to see all this amazing graffiti we had been told of. Unfortunately, we were rather silly about the way we read the map and confused one 2nd street with another and ended up in the Design District. No matter, we heard they had galleries there so we decided to look around.

Unfortunately the galleries we did find were closed for the day but the sun was setting and the area looked like an interesting mix of urban and modern so we just strolled and snapped pictures.

On our second trip to the Design District we got a little wiser and went directly to the Rubell Family Collection. It's one of the largest privately owned collections of contemporary art in the world. With artists like Keith Haring, Cindy Shermam, Kara Walker and Jean-Micheal Basquiat kicking around in their vaults we were eager to get a look.

Photo credit: Marty Cherry. This piece was part of their American Exuberance collection and it was pretty cool when you got up close to it. It was like looking at coulds - there were all sorts of figures and animals in it.

We weren't sure if this was an interactive piece of art out on the patio or just an interesting cone shaped lounge chair. In any case we enjoyed it.

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