Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Last Days in Flagstaff

The last few days of Flagstaff were spent literally hobbling around. Going down steps was painful. Getting in and out of bed was painful. My legs had never been beaten up so badly. Rachel's room was in the basement and the morning after getting back from our canyon trip she had to crawl up the steps to get to the kitchen. My aunt and cousins laughed mercilessly at us. 

On my last day I went with Merri Sue to work at the naval observatory and we went mushroom hunting. The weeks before we had arrived had seen a practical monsoon in Flagstaff and for weeks the mushroom pickings had been bountiful. Now with almost a week without rain the hidden gems were few and far between but we did happen to find a few chanterelles still plump enough to sauté and eat. 

On Rachel's last morning in town we got up early and headed to Macy's (which I have written a Where to Eat Vegan post for many years ago) where we consumed mass quantities of sugar and coffee and tea before saying our goodbyes.

weird thumb twins
By the end of the trip we had already made plans to return and hike again the next year. 
I even made so bold of a claim as to predict I might even move to Flagstaff.
And guess what…I think I just will. 

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