Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where to Eat Vegan: Herbivore - San Francisco, CA

Green Juice
There should be a theme forming here if you've been following these posts:
 Breakfast is my favorite meal! 
San Francisco is one of those cities that gets veganism. There is vegan food everywhere, whether the restaurant is a professed veggie joint or not. 
Herbivore is a local chain of restaurants that are all fully vegan. On one of our mornings in San Francisco, Pang and I went over to the Divisadero Street location for our morning fix. 

I've had tofu scramble and pancakes everywhere I've been able to find them on my travels. Some serve soupy tofu scramble coated in oil. Some tend towards the spicy. Some are just bland. Don't get me started on all the weird pancakes I've had.
The food at Herbivore just tastes fresh and full. No tasteless, over cinnamoned pancakes here. 
A test is always to try the "green juice" at a restaurant. Every health conscious restaurant has one these days and I've found that most of them serve me apple juice with a few kale stems thrown in there. 
Why? Because apples taste better than parsley and you get more juice for your produce from apples. 
I'm happy to report that Herbivore's green juice was a healthy mix of celery and parsley and a kick of ginger. 

Breakfast every day from 9am - 2pm
Sunday - Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 9am - 11pm

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