Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where to Eat Vegan: Saturn Cafe - Berkeley, CA

Saturn Cafe was an obvious first stop in California. There is something about diners that…well it's obvious why diners are amazing and nostalgic and delicious. Milkshakes of course!

Ala the website Saturn Cafe boasts that they "offer traditional comfort food with a healthy twist."
Well I might not go so far as to put healthy in the same sentence as the Vegan BBQ Ranch Chicken Burger I got - but comforting it certainly was after a long flight. 

The service was helpful and speedy and the vegan onion rings were on point. Oh also did I mention every table had a different themed table top? I sat at the Star Wars taro card table and peeked over at the lego table and the pinball table curiously. 

The BBQ Ranch Burger with Gardien Chicken and the Smoked Corn Soup.

2175 Allston Way
Berkeley CA, 94704
510 - 845 - 8505

Monday - Friday 11am - 12am

Saturday and Sunday 10am - 12am

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