Thursday, July 24, 2008

New fern and possible lead poisoning on the horizon

So I tricked Jon into grocery shopping with me the other night (he really needed to so he didn't really fight it...i exaggerate) and we went a little crazy and spent way too much money. But, jon got a pretty little plant for his apartment. He said he needed some green in the house and oxygen, plants produce it....something like that :) anyhow here it is

and it came in this cool little pot

uhm... dont ask me what the name of this fern is...i dont know....does that make me a bad female? I should know this shouldn't I?!

On to things I do know about: Glasses!
Look at these pretty Persian glasses I picked up at the Antique Emporium in Frederick a few weeks back. I have a serious addiction to glasses and Jon just happened to be a little short on glasses at his rescued them...they looked sad...they needed a home! I did a good deed :)

There are 7 glasses and each has all three of the figures on them. The girl on the middle glass is my favorite. I do worry about lead poisoning a little...does anyone know about that? How do you make an educated guess as to wether it is painted with lead or not? Eeeeppp! Now I is scared.

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tess! said...

I had one of those ferns in my aquarium at one point! I used to know what it was called- one of the dreaded plants Petco sells as aquarium when it's actually terrarium. Anywho... likely to need lots of water, that's all I know. :)

As for lead poisoning, I know you can either have them tested or buy an at home test kit.... not sure where to buy though.