Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Update- Twilight

So I just started this book - im about 7ish chapters in - and I have very mixed feelings. I kept hearing about this book and how its going to be a movie and how people have been reading the saga for a while but its just starting to gain hype now. this a "teen" book because it doesn't say anywhere on it that it is but so far...
Second...the writing is so mundane, so bland, so commonplace that its embarrassing. I would say this reading level would qualify at...4th grade?
Third...she spends almost no time developing the main character, and thus I have no feelings for fact, I kinda dislike her.
But! Despite all this Im starting to get drawn into the story. Maybe its just because I like Vampires..I dont know. But, until I have finished this book and given you the low down - you may want to hold off on reading it.

On a similar vein. I'm interested in starting a book club - you know the kind - we all read the same book then talk about it and bring our individual readings of the book together. I don't have any more english classes to take (or room in my schedule) but I continue to read like a maniac, so I thought it might be a fun thing to do. If you are interested let me know. We could take turns picking the books. If not..I will continue to be your poison taster and give you recommendations based on my personal fancies.

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